Friday, October 23, 2009

Poems inspired by "Dark Matter"

Local extemporaneous poet BRASH visited the gallery during the closing celebration for our recent show, "Dark Matter," and created two poems inspired by Ellyn Weiss's work.

To Ellyn Weiss’ Lost Continent

The luminous bowl
That is the skull

Scoops the elixir of thought

From the synaptic clot

Of emotion,
Transmutes its graygold matter
Of alchemic fits and starts

Into the wordless patter

Of the heart’s Impatient motion.

© October 17/21, 2009, BRASH

To Ellyn Weiss’ Cladocera

At night the brain
Uncouples itself from its mooring

Follows its own bright train

Through the wilderness, seeking, touring,

A restless conductor’s scoring.

At night the brain derails

From crisply ordered thought

To follow the wisp of trails

Unbound, unbordered, hot

With organic combustion wrought.

At night the brain cracks

Free of relentless time’s elapse,
Leaves the faintest spoor of tracks

On the crackled surface that maps

The sharpest etchings of synapse.

Oh to leave behind the shoddy

Hovel of durance mater, — why but for a night? —

To ever escape this grim and earthen body

For the burn of passages deep and bright

Dark and pure as anthracite.

© October 17/21, 2009, BRASH

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