Friday, February 16, 2007

Last Night's Opening

Here are some pictures of the Double Vision show currently up in the gallery and the opening last night.
Laying out the show. We use strips of bubble wrap to protect the frames from getting bumped up and dirty on our concrete floor.
The gallery was a mess! I kind of like it with art all over the place. I always get real stressed out the day before a show when things are all strewn about like this, and the floor is a mess, and the walls all have holes in them. I start worrying that we won't have enough storage space to put all this stuff away.
It always turns out fine though. I liked that we hung fewer works in this show. It really gives them room to breathe.
mmm... Nevin really outdid himself at WholeFoods last night. He got this goat cheese flavored with orange with little flecks of orange peel in it. OMG it was amazing.
Oh no! Nobody came!

Just kidding. We were a little worried that the ice and cold were going to keep people away. It was pretty slow for the first hour, but after that a nice crowd showed up and we relaxed (ok, the champagne helped with the relaxation bit. Thanks for that goes to Roland M. Herrmann of Maisons Marques & Domaines)
Finally when everyone is gone I can relax. Ahh... those pointy shoes were really starting to hurt.
Thanks to Lenny for blogging about the opening. It was great to finally meet him. Here's Nina Manolova's "Death Time for my Body," which Lenny mentions in his post. (I'm not really sure why it looks all pixelated here. It's not like that in person)

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