Friday, December 15, 2006

Tea Time!

Behold the Nevin Kelly Gallery's shiny new (to us) electric kettle (with reflection of the gallery and me as proof of shininess). Inspired by having read three PG Wodehouse novels since Thanksgiving (like candy, they are), I decided that I would like to have afternoon tea every day and have been ranting about it to Sondra Arkin, Denise Graveline, Nevin, my fiance Mark and just about everyone else who would listen to me. Well, Denise happened to have an extra shiny kettle hanging around and brought it in to the gallery today to make my teatime dreams come true. Thank you Denise!
So now there is an open invitation for all who read the blog to stop in and have tea in the gallery some afternoon. And while you're here you can pick up a Christmas present for someone on your list. Our current show, "Attainable Art," features works priced under $1200 (and even some under $100!). See you at tea time!

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