Friday, December 29, 2006

An Artist's Visions for The Future of Arts in DC

Thanks to Sean Hennessey, fabulous local sculptor, for mentioning the Nevin Kelly Gallery blog in his updated wish list for Washington, DC's arts future. Sean has interesting ideas for the the Martin Luther King, Jr. Library building, Arts Fairs in DC, creating destination arts neighborhoods, increasing organized arts events and activities in the city (including Art Boat Races and Art and Beer festivals), and making DC even more of an arts destination for collectors and supporters of the arts. Sean makes the important point that the more collectors continue to support Washington, DC artists, the more their personal collections of local art will appreciate:
while many people feel that they must go to New York to purchase art, many wonderful and wildly more affordable artists live and sell in DC. With the investment in artists, the investment in artworks will grow.
Great post Sean! Read the whole thing here.

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