Friday, December 22, 2006

The Gift of Art

What do you give someone who has everything they need and more? That's the question my fiance Mark and I were facing just last week when trying to think of a Christmas gift for his parents. There was nothing we could get them that they really needed and we couldn't get too extravagant with our gift as our budget is somewhat limited. Good thing I just curated this Attainable Art show! I happen to be very familiar with every single work in the Nevin Kelly Gallery priced under $1200, and while the $1200 was a bit out of our price range, I also knew that there were many beautiful pieces under $200 and even some under $100.

We ended up buying them a print of a robin by M.P. Bocianowski, a Polish printmaker and husband to Elzbieta Bocianowska. Bocianowski's aquatint etchings of birds are remarkably precise in their intricate details of both the bird(s) in the foreground and the natural background. We just knew that a Bocianowski print would fit in perfectly with their collection and look lovely on a wall in their home.

Is there someone on your list who cannot possibly use another sweater or pair of earrings? Come in and check out our Attainable Art show. There's a wide variety of work on the walls to fit most tastes (and budgets!). And I'll even gift wrap those last minute gifts for you! The gallery is open until 8pm on Friday, 12-8 on Saturday, and Sunday by appointment for last minute shoppers.

The work above is an aquatint etching by M.P. Bocianowski entitled "Two Birds" and is unframed.

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