Saturday, December 16, 2006

Amy Lin "Obsession" at DCAC

Hats off to Northern Virginia artist Amy Lin and Adams Morgan’s DCAC on a terrific exhibit. “Obsession,” which opened last night, showcases 10 of Lin’s exquisitely rendered abstract works on paper. The pieces consist of parades of meticulously drawn dots (actually, many of them are open circles) that range in size from barely visible points to about the size of a looseleaf paper reinforcer. The dots follow each other in lines that are sometimes straight and angular, sometimes curvy and sometimes resembling something like ancient script. The title of the show is apt. The drawings reflect Lin’s obsessive devotion to precision and balance. But, despite Lin’s absolute control over every dot’s place on the paper, there is nothing rigid here. The dots seem to dance and sing their way across the paper. They are playful. They are meditative. They are just plain interesting to look at. This is an artist with a lot to say and a lot of promise. Be sure to catch this show before it closes in January.

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