Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Up in the Back Room

Apologies for the sparseness of posts in the past couple weeks. My computer crashed and, guess what! I'm the IT department here at the gallery. Actually my partner Mark was very helpful in donating his time to help me get all my files back. If it weren't for him, every image of every work of art that's come through the gallery would have been lost in the internet ether. And he worked for cheeseburgers!

Anyways, now that (almost) everything is back in order, I wanted to post some shots of the work we're featuring in the back room for the month of November. The Healy takes up the front room and two of the walls in the back, but we also have up the work of New York watercolorist Gretchen Feldman and DC abstract artist Sondra Arkin. Please excuse the picture quality, Photoshop is one of the programs I have yet to re-install.

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