Friday, November 03, 2006

The Healys Have Arrived!

Gene Healy drove down from Connecticut this morning and arrived at the gallery at 2:30 this afternoon. His gallerist on Nantucket, Doerte Nuedert of the Art Cabinet Nantucket, arrived yesterday.
Here's a shot of the paintings being laid out around the room.

Nevin and Doerte Hang Granite Bay and Tuxis Island.

Nevin Hangs Point Lookout. (Also pictured: Sands Point and East Wharf)

In all there are 16 works by Gene Healy in the gallery. It looks absolutely beautiful.

Stop by the gallery (1517 U St. NW) Saturday night, 5-8 pm to see this gorgeuous work, meet Gene and Doerte, and have a glass of wine.

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