Thursday, October 26, 2006

The word is out!

Welcome Midatlantic Art News readers and thanks, Lenny, for blogging about our new blog! We're always astonished at how quickly you discover arts-related stuff on the "internets."

The blog is still in experimental stages, but we're happy for the advance publicity. Soon we will have the blog linkable from the gallery website, and we'll be up and posting frequently. The blog is a great way to let our friends and clients know about news and goings-on at the gallery in a more timely manner than monthly website updates and emails. Each time we get in new work by one of our artists, get works framed, sign on a fabulous new artist, have a reception or event, or just have something to say, we'll blog about it. And who are we? We are Julia Morelli, deputy director of the gallery and Nevin Kelly, owner and gallery director.

We'd also like to thank Denise Graveline who helped us set up the blog and gave us tremendous advice about blogging.

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