Friday, October 27, 2006

Welcome to our new interns!

Today was our first day working with Larissa, the newest Nevin Kelly Gallery intern.

Larissa is a senior at George Washington University studying art history. She is cheerful and helpful and speaks Ukrainian. She will be helping us to update our client and inventory database. This database was set up a while ago by our dear friend Ron Childress to more efficiently track our inventory - what comes in, stays here, goes out (and with whom it leaves) - and our mailing list, but we've been so swamped with all of the day-to-day gallery operations that we just kept using our old (far more primitive) systems. So we finally decided that if the project of adding our entire three-year-long inventory history to this database is ever going to get done, we need to bring in someone who can dedicate herself to this task (and who will work for coffee and snacks).

We advertised with the George Washington University Art History Department for two internship positions and found a couple of great interns.

Our other intern, Elizabeth, started this year in GW's Masters of Art History program and is very active in the Washington Junior League. Elizabeth is helping us with a marketing project. We're so happy and grateful to have such smart, capable people helping us in the gallery.

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