Monday, October 23, 2006

Does Art Scare You?

Many people come into our gallery and are surprised at what a warm, inviting atmosphere it is. This sometimes saddens us, because the implication is that people feel threatened by most art galleries. With comfy chairs, books, two lazy dogs, and a *super-friendly* assistant director, our visitors and clients feel at home and unpressured in the environment we set out for them. We love to visit other galleries and check out the local art scene, but we do understand that for non-art-world-types these big white boxes with (gasp!) no furry pets can feel threatening. We aim to create an environment where any person can feel comfortable coming in off the street and checking out the art. Because we are passionate about our artists and passionate about getting them exposure. You don't need to be able to afford to buy art to just come in and look at the gorgeous, skilled work we have on view (and you might be surprised at what you actually can afford). We're in this business because we love art and we particularly love the artists we represent. So, come on in, pet the dogs, relax in the chairs, and chat with us about the work on the walls. You can even bring in your coffee and cupcakes from Love Cafe (we do, yum!).

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