Friday, January 30, 2009

Witchy Women

Laurel Hausler has been working her magic on Russian nesting dolls by transforming them into witches with paint, pen, torn paper, and twine.

Laurel Hausler, “Russian Witch Dolls 2”, 2009, mixed media

The little works of art in Laurel’s solo exhibition “A History of Dogs and Witches” last fall cast a spell on many who came into their midst, and she was commissioned to create a second set. Each doll takes on the persona of an unconventionally witchy figure with enchanting attributes.

Laurel Hausler, “Russian Witch Dolls 2” (Doll 1)

Laurel Hausler, “Russian Witch Dolls 2” (Doll 3 - side view)

Laurel Hausler, “Russian Witch Dolls 2” (Doll 5)

Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about Laurel Hausler’s work.

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Oscar said...

Not quite the average "Matrushka". I would keep them away from little children... Especially when they have magical properties!!