Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Down Under the Sea

I recently stopped by Sondra Arkin's studio to see a commissioned piece she had just completed consisting of two 48" x 48" encaustic panels.

Sondra Arkin, “Effervescence”, 2008, encaustic on canvas on dibond, 48” x 48” each

Arkin ventured away from her favored bold palette for more subdued hues. She described the work as emitting “effervescence” through the bubbling up beads of wax, a technique she has taken to a whole new level of methodical detail.

Sondra Arkin, “Effervescence” (detail)

Standing before the striking paintings mounted side-by-side on the wall gave me the sensation of staring into a large aquarium.

Sondra Arkin, “Effervescence” (right panel)

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John M. Adams said...

Those are quite nice, i was just at Sondra's studio on Saturday and I those pieces were already gone or she had them boxed up, she had some great new small "confetti"(as she called them) paintings. She is making some great new work.