Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Thank You Elizabeth

Just a quick word to express my sincere thanks to Elizabeth Carriger for her tireless work on behalf of the gallery over the past two years. Elizabeth started with us as an intern in the Fall of 2006 and assumed full-time responsibility for all gallery affairs the following Spring. She was the main force behind nearly 20 exhibits at the gallery during her tenure and did all of the planning for our participation in two New York art fairs. Because the gallery bears my name, I get to claim the title of Director. In reality, it is Elizabeth who has performed that role during the past 2 years. She did it all, and she did a fabulous job.

Having earned her Masters in Art History from GWU last Spring, I knew the time would come for Elizabeth to pursue opportunities more in line with her long-term career goals. I am grateful for her loyalty to the gallery, for her professionalism and for her friendship.

Good luck, Elizabeth. We will miss you here.

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Oscar said...

Beautiful and kind words, Nevin.
Wish you good business!