Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Art of Hypnosis

Mesmerizing is the first word that comes to mind when regarding the new works that Joan Belmar recently delivered to the gallery. The Chilean-born artist has taken his mixed media creations to a whole new level of technical merit.

Joan Belmar, “Red”, 2008, mixed media on masonite, 32” x 41”

While Belmar continues to work with strips of painted Mylar and sheets of frosted acetate, his new works incorporate grids, glazing, ink, and a more pronounced use of Mylar ribbons.

Joan Belmar, “Becoming Green and Blue”, 2008, mixed media on masonite, 41” x 32”

The multi-layered pieces are intended to reflect the dual layers of life as Belmar so beautifully expresses:

“My current work explores the conflict on the one hand between the external, structured world in which we all live and are measured and evaluated. But that is only one layer of our lives. On a deeper layer resides our internal, fluid selves, where emotions may be undisciplined and cannot be easily charted. But this is also where the yearning for the connection with independence, freedom and closeness to nature is most purely expressed.”

Joan Belmar, “Exhale Green”, 2008, mixed media on masonite, 37” x 37”

We currently have a number of Joan Belmar’s works on view in the gallery. Stop by and prepare to be mesmerized.

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