Thursday, December 11, 2008


Welcome to the Nevin Kelly Gallery's new space in Columbia Heights (1400 Irving Street, NW, #132)! Please come in and pardon the mess; we still have a bit of unpacking to do.

Check out the shiny kitchen, all the better to serve you with at opening receptions.

Here is the first floor room with a view of the second level. Loving the high ceilings, perfect for hanging large paintings. Note our portable column…a little something familiar from U Street.

Let’s go upstairs. What a view! This will be a great spot for art.

And the best part…just wait…storage, storage, storage!

Join me on our next tour, when we will have art on the walls.


Ananda said...

Congratulations Nevin on the new space. We miss you on U Street.

John M. Adams said...

Looks like a great New space Nevin, can't wait to see it.