Sunday, August 17, 2008

Artist Updates III: Mary Chiaramonte

Mary Chiaramonte reports that she has had a relaxing summer in Virginia, spending time with family and catching up with old friends:

“I guess the most interesting thing that has happened this summer was the new freckle I got on my right pointer finger. No, my existence must be the most abysmally dull of all the artists at the NK gallery, because all I do is paint and stare at the neighbors from the porch view, but there have been some high points even still. My twin sis had a slide show at the flower garden behind her house at night (with romance lighting to boot) and that was quite wonderful indeed. There were a great deal of people there and everyone had a blast, so much so that I didn't sleep until the sun was rising, a lot of noise. The men were sliding down the stairs on their bellies, face first. But she had 365 photographs, one that she took for each day of 2007. Of them all, the best was a shot of her spaying my parents' dog at the clinic where she is a veterinarian. It was grotesque and beautiful at once. And a dear friend of mine of 15 years came back to visit me after her journey across South America. Hearing her stories and just getting to see her again was quite good. Other than that, it is the porch and the hissy fits of the lonesome life, but from this I have discovered a lot of new music that I love, so. Oh, and I have made my first two encaustic paintings. Smells like bees.”

Mary Chiaramonte, Jessie Man XVIII, encaustic, 2008, 12” x 8”

“Dull” sounds pretty good to me! We have a number of Mary Chiaramonte’s paintings up in the gallery now and will be getting some new pieces next week.

Mary Chiaramonte, "Tulsa", mixed media, 2008, 20” x 15”

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