Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Joan Belmar Opens Exhibition

Chilean-born local artist Joan Belmar opens his exhibition "Color Transparencies" with a reception at the gallery tomorrow night (Thursday, May 24) from 6 until 9 p.m. Belmar creates sculptural paintings out of strips of painted Mylar, which he shapes into circles or curved lines and combines with other objects on a base of wood or paper. He then overlays the composition with frosted acetate, on which he has drawn and cut out shapes. Where the acetate has been removed, the shapes beneath show clearly. Where the acetate remains, the shapes appear as if through a fog. The compositions exist in multiple layers: on top of, within, and beneath the acetate layer. Pictured at left is "Toy Box (Ochre)," one of 5 pieces in Joan's new Toy Box series. The piece measures 25" x 21" framed.

Color Transparencies will run thr0ugh June 17 in the front room (and part of the back room) of the gallery. Joan will be joined by Ellyn Weiss, who will show her new series of prints, "Time of War," in the back room from June 1 until June 30. More on Ellyn's series later.

Please join Joan and us for the opening reception tomorrow. If you are unable to make the opening, please don't miss the show. Color Transparencies is a true delight to behold, representing some of this artist's best works to date.

Joan Belmar received his degree in graphic design at the Catholic University of Chile. He moved to Spain at the age of 24 and to the U.S. four years later. In 2003 he was granted permanent residency status on the basis of extraordinary artistic merit.


Clueless Cognoscento said...

I love Joan's work. It is both so organic, set so textured, so fluid, so structured. It's amazing. I saw his show during Mid City Artists' Open Studios and loved his work. I can't wait to see his stuff at NK!!!

Joseph Barbaccia said...

Looking forward to seeing the show. Joan and I have shown work together several times. The last being "Color Remix" at Heineman Myers. He's a talented and commited artist. Good call Nevin Kelly.