Saturday, March 03, 2007

Sunday (Tomorrow!) in the Gallery: Have Your 4Trait Done!

The 4Traits, a group of four artists doing assembly line portraiture, will be in the Nevin Kelly Gallery THIS SUNDAY, 1-5pm. Stop by 1517 U St NW to have your portrait drawn for free.

If you saw the gallery and the 4Traits on Fox5 Morning News Thursday morning, you understand, if not here's a description of what will go on:

The Process
Traditionally, portrait art has always been an intimate process. One artist working with one model. Not any more. 4traits take the idea of portraiture to a totally different place. They are a team of artists working together on a group of portraits, blending their separate styles, talents, and insights into a cohesive whole.

Four people sit across a table from four artists. The artists work on the portrait of the person seated across from them for about 5 minutes. When the 5 minutes are up, the person and their portrait move on to the next artist, like an artistic assembly line. The next artist picks up where the last artist left off, continuing to build on the previous artist's work, adding lines, shapes, shadows, texture, color...until all four artists have worked on all four portraits.

For more info see:

To see the process on Thursday morning's news, click here.

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